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Who Is Gus ?

Gus is not some fictional character created for the purposes of the web or selling products. He is a real person who loves to prepare food for family and friends, especially on holidays. His skills were honed as a result of the search for something good to eat, not to mention having tons of family and friends over to share a holiday meal.
There are tons of good restaurants around but let's face it, even the best restaurants can have an off day. Gus has developed many products that are not exactly for health-conscious eating but the ingredients are.  For all our products, we use 100% additive and preservative free  ingredients. We feel that helps the  natural flavors of foods come through.
Gus hopes that  by sharing his creations, others will do the same. All rubs, sauces, herb seasonings, and deep fry coatings for sale on this site were developed by Gus himself and tested on family and friends. All we ask is you let us know if there is anything we can do to make our products better.
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