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Slash & Serve Meat Claws for the predator is us all.

GRAB, LIFT, AND SHRED LARGE CUTS OF MEAT with this fantastic tool.

These are perfect when pulling apart large cuts of meat. The handle is much more stable than other meat claws and you really can grip and tear the meat without the claw moving around.
Slash & Serve Meat Claws
What's a Good Cook Without Wood Chips?

We have several types of wood chips available as well. Some of the choices are Apple, Cherry, and Pecan Chips with more added as they come available.
Wood Smoking Chips
Two pound bags available at $4.29
Chip Soaking Bucket
Add this metal bucket for soaking wood chips or disposing ashes. You may need one for each.

Liketime Guaranteed, 100% Made in America !!
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