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Okay, you've got the meat almost ready to be sauced. You grab the bottle of sauce and any additional ingredients in preparation of the blessed event and what do you put it in? How about a metal sauce bucket that's large enough for all the ingredients plus something to mix it with and apply it with. Our bucket is just the tool you need for the job. It's also got a hinged metal handle and will easily sit on the surface of the grill when when you need to simmer the sauce.

This bucket is machine washable and ready for service. Use the attached handle for that grip you need so you don't drop the sauce !!! Made with high grade steel right here in the USA so you know you're getting a quality piece of cooking hardware. Plus, it comes with a SlatherMaster sauce mop and a hand towel. This bucket holds 2 quarts of any pulse pounding sauce you are familiar with so go for it !!!
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Gus's Sauce Bucket
Got Sauce ?
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