Cookin Wit' Gus BBQ Seasonings, Sauces, Herb Seasonings, & More

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Seasoning is where it all starts. You can't take meat out the pack, give it a hard stare, throw it on the grill and expect results. We have carefully crafted six rubs to appeal to discerning tastes. Click the Meat Rubs tab to the left or the image above and review our seasonings.
Seafood, Poultry, Gravy, you name it, these seasoned blends can be used for deep fry or making gravy. All mixes are vailable in mild and spicy. Click on the Fry Coatings/Gravy tab on the left or on the image above for a full description.
Gus has made three herb mixtures for use on meats, salads, or soups. These mixtures are salt and gluten free and have been designated "Diabetic Friendly" Click the image above or the link to the left for full details.
Like to sauce your meat? We've got eight choices ranging from mild to hot, basting sauces, injecting, mustard based, traditional BBQ sauces, etc. Click the image above to see them all
Six Rub Sample Packs 3oz Bottles $15.95 Click Here !!!!
Charcoal Starter Set with Chimney, Electric Lighter and Coal Corraler
"Slash n Serve"
Shredding Claws
BBQ Rubs, Sauces Seasonings, and More......
Grilling Baskets
Basters Choice
Grill Masters Sets
Preparation is 90% of the problem. Get yourself ready with this GrillMasters Kit contaning:

1. TheLastBrush - Grill Cleaning Brush
2. Professional Apron (Green or Maroon)
3. Matching Cookin Wit' Gus Mug
4. SlatherMaster Sauce Mop
5. Machine Washable Hand Towel
6. 12 inch Stainless Steel Tongs
This is the set you need to properly baste whatever you're cooking

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