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"Hasta La Vista"

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South Of The Border Basting Sauce
As the name suggests, this sauce comes loaded with an outstanding south of the border punch. Prepared and aged with  Mexican spices.

Shake and baste your meat during cooking to receive the best flavor this sauce has to offer. You need to shake this sauce because the oil and other ingredients will separate.

You can also use this as a marinade for things like Beef Jerkey as an example. We've marinated chicken breasts with this sauce and the end result was baked chicken with a fantastic taste.

Recommendation: Best on Beef, but it's also good on pork, lamb, wild game, and poultry

Refridgerate after opening.
Ingredients: Vinegar, Olive Oil, Worcestershire Sauce, Lemon Pulp, Hot Sauce, Chopped Bay Leaves, Minced Garlic, Paprika, Lime Juice, & Chili Powder
Got Sauce, Got Mop?
Grab A SlatherMaster
Metal Sauce Bucket & Mop
Bone Disposal Unit
Here's what you need for heating your sauce and getting it to the meat. This comes with the following:

1. Steel, 100% "Made In America" bucket
2. SlatherMaster Sauce Mop
3. Machine washable hand towel
Need a place to put those polished bones? Chicken, rib, etc.....

Here you go !!!!
Grilling Baskets
Griling Baskets are the perfect tool for basting foods during cooking !!!
Professional Basting Brush
4" boar bristle basting brush
12" long wooden handle
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