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Green Mug

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Official Cookin Wit' Gus Mug For Hot Or Cold Beverages
BeechWood Spoons
Product Overview:

What better to have in your hands while cooking than a "Cookin Wit Gus" mug filled with your favorite drink. This mug holds 16 ounces of whatever you like best while cooking, jump starting your day, or anytime you just want something to drink.

Get yours today, or grab one for a great gift to that special someone. We also offer a matching apron for that "GrillMaster" look and feel. This mug is Inscribed on both sides in gold with our famous slogan

"Life's Good When You're Cookin Wit Gus".
Basters Choice
This is the set you need to properly baste whatever you're cooking
Flame Retardant Green Oven Milts
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